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For as long as anyone can remember, the people of Africa have been suffering from some of the worst hardships ever imaginable. Poverty, violence, illiteracy, famine, disasters, epidemics and wars - these are just some of the problems and challenges affecting the lives of these people on a daily basis.

Since 1984 Helping Hands Africa, registered as an NGO in 2003, has been positively affecting and changing the lives of thousands of needy African people with the help of our partners, as well as compassionate individuals and organisations worldwide.

Driven by a vision and compassion, we are building bridges for the people of Africa, transforming lives, bringing hope and giving new opportunities.

Our Philosophy

Helping Hands Africa does not initiate, nor impose any project or activity upon any community, but we respond to the initiatives of local communities and churches, by partnering with them in their efforts and activities.

Through consultation, training and support to the community, we lend a helping hand in the endeavour to gain self-sustainability for the projects and the beneficiaries over a certain time period. The end result is, thus, a self-continuation in such projects and programmes without the need of further investment of time, funding and other resources, allowing us to further our work in other areas of need.

We also seek to develop a compassionate lifestyle in every person with whom we work because we strongly believe that every person has the capacity to learn to help themselves, and, through doing so, also be able to help others.

Latest Projects: Education - Computer Lab Project

Helping Hands Africa works through a partnership with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (the humanitarian arm of the Church of the Nazarene). One of our partners core activities is education.  This includes promoting computer literacy in the many Nazarene primary and high schools that exist around Africa.

Helping Hands Africa is currently working on a pilot project to set up 26 laptops at Ndlalambi Primary School in Swaziland. Heights First Church of the Nazarene in America has worked hard to raised the funds needed to purchase these computers. They will be used to educate students in maths, science, geography, etc.

Once a pilot phase of this project has concluded over 40 additional schools will be included in the scale up plan. This will complement the existing computer labs in many of the Nazarene High Schools in Swaziland.